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Intuited Narrative ::: Contemporary Fine Art by Milliande Demetriou

I am a mixed media artist who is intriqued by the notion of universal consciousness and the interconnectedness of being.

I choose to peek closely at the small particles that make up existence and express my personally felt response in paint and stitch. The female form, the beauty of motherhood, viewing the world in linear fragments rather than wholes and the palpable narrative between all of these are central themes in my artwork.

I enjoy making the invisible visible and creating open-ended artworks that invite the viewer to explore deeper within their own layers of perception.

My favourite media of expressions are pen and ink drawings, acrylic painting, art textiles & printmaking as well as the exploration of mixing these media to create contemporary interpretations of traditional techniques.

I have always been creative at heart but when discouraged at an early age pursued a science career in biology instead, not retraining myself artistically until the age of 30.

Today I am married and we have a beautiful daughter who is homeschooled and thriving as a young artist herself.

As she comes of age it allows me a little more time to focus on myself and establish my foothold to become a Full Time Artist .
We share our time between the vibrant life in the South of London and tranquil coastal inspiration in West Wales, UK.

The Ralire Study  ::: Inquiry into the Resonant Nature of Random Linear Remnants
through an Artist's Eyes
My emotional responses to Random Linear Remnants  encountered, my investigations into the archetypal nature of lines and fragments seeps in to inform my personal mark-making.

I am intriqued by the bodily resonance when encountering random,seemingly unpredictable lines in contrast to my relative indifference to deliberate lines.

By tracing the random linear remnants of "Human Linemakers" and "Nature Contour Formers" within the context of trans-personal research I intuitively engage in revealing my personal story in relation to the microcosm and macrocosm of my immediate existence therefore hinting at my place in the universal game called "Life" . 

Within the context of The Ralire Study research project I am hoping to investigate, discover and experience a dialogue with random linear remnants encountered and respond through creative media via an immediate Breath Stay to learn whether this kind of trans-personal research can lead to an art form in and of itself.

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