Thursday, March 13, 2014

No:::41 Sketchbook -Ralire Study on Random Linear Remnants

No:::41 Sketchbook -Ralire Study on Random Linear Remnants 

When fragility meets inner strength, the underlying strength that holds together the outer structure , perception happens. 

When I look at all the lines that form between the skeleton structure of other lines I see

-lines that support

-lines that connect 

-lines that intersect 

-lines that reach out

-lines that hang loose

-lines that dissolve

Looking is such a game , a game of focused attention, of what is noticed, what is left unseen whether consciously or subconsciously certain filters are applied that determine one's field of vision .

noticing::: stillness precedes looking closer , a held breath is often the only way to capture tiny details without blur, blurring the edges , blurring the edges of perception , to clear and focus the edges of perception a still breath paves the way.

::: milliande

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The Ralire Study - Developing Sketchbooks , Drawing for Textiles and Canvas, Meaningful Markmaking Logbook , Image Library , Inquiry into the Nature of Random Linear Remnants , Lines and Art Research Project by Milliande Demetriou

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