Wednesday, March 12, 2014

No:::40 Sketchbook -Ralire Study on Random Linear Remnants

No ::: 40 Sketchbook -Ralire Study on Random Linear Remnants 

Looking closely , at the tiny detail that makes up my surrounding life opens up this world of mystery that draws me into myself like 
nothing else can. I am left to marvel at the building blocks of this universe that creates strands of connections for me to discover. 

There are underlying rhythms to the passage of perceived time that I have come to honor without needing to define them any longer. I know they are there because I feel the strands that connect them , from one rhythm to the next , certain strands of memory are retained that carry information over to the next familiar motion . 

noticing : my enjoyment of the word " strand

The first warm afternoon in Spring, March beckoning me to lie on warmed up paving stones and look closely. 
I feel myself being wheeled into a world that speaks to my inner self.... For now it am not questioning the why or the how. But simply am taking deep time to look, look closely , deeply and intuitively respond with marks, my lines, my inner strands 

The remnant lines of a skeleton leaf structure hint at one both at fragility yet also opening .... Decay yet opening to light
the old slowly deteriorating yet leaving behind a solid structure of supportive strands , there long enough until new avenues have been seen, opened into and finally dissolved barriers allow access to the new... 

noticing : the tube carries at its center a solid line.... The line expands itself outward to create 3 dimensional form perceivable in both time and space 

::: milliande

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The Ralire Study - Developing Sketchbooks , Drawing for Textiles and Canvas, Meaningful Markmaking Logbook , Image Library , Inquiry into the Nature of Random Linear Remnants , Lines and Art Research Project by Milliande Demetriou

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