Thursday, December 26, 2013

No:::35 Logbook - December 25th 2013 - The Ralire Study

No:::35 Logbook - December 25th 2013 - The Ralire Study 

The more I look into the various shapes and resonance the more I have come to be in aw of the underlying mathematics .. and then came across this video 

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The Ralire Study - Developing Sketchbooks , Drawing for Textiles and Canvas, Meaningful Markmaking Logbook , Image Library , Inquiry into the Nature of Random Linear Remnants , Lines and Art Research Project by Milliande Demetriou


  1. Wow! Love this video! Thank you so much for sharing your research here - the ralire study has captured my artist's eye like nothing else recently!

    1. It is fascinating isn't it , the view of the underlying structure that contain mathematics is truly awe inspiring. Especially when approached from an artists point of view , merging the science with the creativity is proving to be rather stimulating for me too. I am glad you are enjoying my ponderings :-)


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