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No:::34 Sketchbook- Monad - The Ralire Study

No:::34 Sketchbook - Monad - The Ralire Study 

No:::34 Sketchbook - Monad - Circle Symbology - The Circle Representing Number Symbol 1 - @ The Ralire Study

  • Circle Symbology seems to be a vast field of study in and of itself, wherever I look and dig a little deeper there are circles, literally it is hard to escape the circular form in daily life and perception 
  • Circles have been associated with a variety of concepts over the ages
  • Infinity
  • Revolution
  • Womb
  • Nurturing
  • Unity
  • Focus
  • Wholeness
  • Inclusion
  • Mobility
  • I wondered if I simply heard that word, that concept what circle imagery would arise within me ..onto my 
 No:::34 Sketchbook - Monad - Circle Symbology - The Circle Representing Number Symbol 1 - @ The Ralire Study

  • Taking a simple symbol from yesterdays explorations I set out to stitch a sample beginning with a piece of hand-dyed cloth that had been tie died to reveal a circular resist shape. I thought about the dot being considered the center of the circle ..the origin ..the ZERO as it were and proceeded to stitch applique one in the middle 

  • as I continued with small kantha stitches in ever increasing circles, adding tiny dot stitches around the edges the main circle kept " raising itself" literally is almost impossible to keep it flat as it were..the tendency , the force to extend itself outward is almost not containable. 

  • This had me wondering as to the why of this phenomena, I am sure with enough knowledge of physics there will be some " surface tension" or motion explanation for it, but for now I am wondering just why that is so is intriquing me 

  • Even more interesting, the more I merely wanted to create a circle the more it turned into a " breast shape" .. I am not kidding, if I would have set out to create a breast I could not have not a better job ...judge for yourself ;-)

No:::34 Sketchbook - Monad - Circle Symbology - Hand Stitched The Circle Representing Number Symbol 1 - @ The Ralire Study

  • So here I am with this rogue circle that seems to want to become 3-dimensional by the simple act of rotation , ROTATION ... a rotating circle ... a Rotating number One 

  • So the center is the point of origin - expanding outwards

  • Origin is a point, a dot, breathing into the void - expanding in all directions

  • At the immediate circumference there will be an initially perceived " end"
    yet is continues to extend

  • And the question arises , if one is represented by a circle, what shape is ZERO?  

  • Zero is often associated with the infinity symbol but somehow it feels sticky to me ...

  • If ONE pertains to ONE THING ..and ZERO pertains to NOTHING , why would we need NOTHING to make 10, 100, 1000000000 ... so nothing increases something odd a thought
  • so NOTHING = Everything = INFINITY = NOTHING

  • contemplating that with my study buddy T.P she came up with the reminder of the phrase
    " You got zero potential" that in fact in this context can be taken to mean you contain ALL the possible potential within you ....

  • Wordplay ... Number Play its a world of communicative interpretation

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