Tuesday, November 12, 2013

NO:::1 Random Linear Remnants - An Introduction to The Ralire Study

NO:::1 Random Linear Remnants - An Introduction to The Ralire Study

Inquiry into the Resonant Nature of Random Linear Remnants through Artist's Eyes - The Ralire Study by Milliande Demetriou
  •  RALIRE - stands for RAndom LInear REmnants

At the base of this research study lies the question of 

  • Why do random linear remnants resonate?


As an artist a wide variety of inspiration enters my daily awareness and when I consciously started noticing that I am strongly drawn to irregular patterns, worn and torn surfaces, linear remnants that seem to appear as a result of another motion unpredictable in nature, it started a sequence of thoughts that ended in a question. 

Why do random, organic, unintentional linear marks resonate with me as opposed to pre-determined , orderly, deliberate marks ? 

After lots of conversations and experiences in company of other artists it seems to me that a lot of visually creative people are inspired by the same kind of marks that can be found in nature and the immediate environment. Whether that is peeling paint, torn down walls, lines in beach pebbles, marks in tree bark, roadside cracks , drips and spills of paint on concrete walls, rust marks on found metal and the list goes on, yet seems to have one element in common. 

These marks are random .. or at least to the casual observer they seem to be.

They are often the result of another process that has created these lines but they seem to appear in an unpredictable manner. 

When looking closer for me there seem to be another, deeper resonance, when the marks also became remnants, when the lines seem to have been made as the result of another motion but with NO INTENT of actually creating the line.
The line or linear mark resulted as a by-product of another motion, which I affectionately termed my " Random Linear Remnants".

So in acknowledging that these kind of marks resonate, inspire and awaken the artistic muse within to create the question of " WHY" arose.

Why do random Linear Remnants resonate ? 

Why do predictable, intentional lines not resonate ?

Do all artists find random linear remnants beautiful ?

Are there others that prefer an orderly set of linear marks ?

Is Human capable of producing true random marks with intent? 

Are linear remnants truly random ?

What is the nature of perception?

I found all these question intriguing because no obvious answer seem to present itself. Continuing to follow my curious train of thought I discovered for myself another subdivision to the initial random line in the way these lines were made and by " whom".

Random Line ( a line/linear mark occurring at random)

Random Linear Remnant ( a line/ linear mark occurring at random, without intent and as a by-product of another motion, the line is a leftover result of that motion )

Random Linear Remnant when Nature marks Nature ( NmN) 
Random Linear Remnant when Nature marks Human ( NmH) Random Linear Remnant when Human marks Nature ( HmN) Random Linear Remnant when Human marks Human (HmH )
( a line/ linear mark occurring at random, without intent and as a by-product of another motion made because NmN, NmH, HmN, HmH , the line is a leftover result or that motion

( def ::: for the purpose of this study Human = Human and/or man made )

At this point in the development of these thought patterns I reached an internal state of wanting to take this questioning further into focus and document the process as a research study. 

Traditional research methods of a quantitative nature and within the context of already available literature on the chosen topic seem to not offer me an opportunity to find an answer.

During the year of questioning, observing and pondering I happend upon the book " Transforming Self and Others through Research" by Rosemarie Anderson and William Braud and within it the introduction to the concept of " Transpersonal Research". 

I felt a deep resonance that this kind of process would be a pathway worth exploring.

The individual researcher, me, experiences the research as an active, central focus throughout all aspects of her life.  It would result in an honest, insightful and deeply personal response to inquiry. 

Pondering further I was curious to see whether the actual transpersonal research would be able to stand alone as an art form in and of itself . 

These are the beginnings of exploring this pathway with a view of finding a potential answer to the question and stimulating creative responses in the process. 


ARTIST STATEMENT " The Ralire Study" 

by Contemporary Mixed Media Artist Milliande Demetriou 

 An Inquire into the Inherent Nature of  Random Linear Remnants

The stories lines tell are fascinating ones, when they are obvious and deliberate, the mark of the linemaker can be read, anticipated and even predicted with some degree of certainty. 

If linear marks appear to be made with random abandon, unpredictable and uninhibited, then the linemakers seem to share secrets that hint at deeper meaning, invite us to delve into exploration, investigate, traverse and trace the linear remnants to discover a universal story. 

  • Nature marks Nature, in it's cycles Lines appear, disappear, leave nothing but a suggestion of themselves in eternal motion. Nature create meshworks of lines that sustain life.

  • Nature marks Human, relentlessly when left unchecked, nature reclaims that which has been taken by humans, applies its forces to remind us of the underlying principles that govern this earth, leaving linear traces for all to witness.

  • Human marks Nature , when paths are taken the land receives the wanderers and marks their passing with all manner of lines, some seemingly indelible, scarring, claiming, some life giving , all having an impact that leaves mighty traces.

  • Human marks Human, humans create networks of lines that connect, make linear marks that identify, protect, alert and message .

Essentially though Human is part of Nature, made of it, infused with it, governed by it and so the cycle closes once again .

My emotional responses to Random Linear Remnants  encountered, my investigations into the archetypal nature of lines and fragments thereof seep in to inform my personal mark-making.

I am intrigued by the bodily resonance when encountering random,seemingly unpredictable lines in contrast to my relative indifference to deliberate lines.
By tracing the random linear remnants of "Human Linemakers" and "Nature Contour Formers" within the context of transpersonal research I inuitively engage in revealing my personal story in relation to the microcosm and macrocosm of my immediate existence therefore hinting at my place in the universal game called "Life" . 

The Ralire Study - by Milliande Demetriou


  1. . . . while observing my internal dialogue . . .
    . . . intrigued by the bodily resonance . . .
    . . . intuitively engage in revealing my personal story . . .
    . . . a break from further inquiry . . . allowing new pathways . . .
    At this point I'm not as drawn to your linear marks as I am to the structure and discipline you bring to your own inquiry process, and your ability to stick with it and carry it forward even though the ideas are so abstract. And your ability to document it and put words to it without losing it. And how pathetically dry and lifeless my own path too soon becomes. I resonate more with your process and other's processes than my own.

    I'd be interested in hearing more about your experiences with soulcollage.

    I'll send you a couple images and the artists who made them.

  2. Milliande, Thanks for bringing something out of the shadows in my brain forward. And reminding me that random marks emphasize my love in the "discovery", rather than the "deliberate"! I look forward to your investigation. Best, Diane

    1. you are very welcome :-) I am glad it resonates. Please feel free to input any thoughts, ideas at any time , glad to have you along for the journey ... milliande

  3. Great reading ... does this tie in with relationships? Are we more attracted to people who also express the "Oooo look" when on the beach and coming across the line of sea-foam after the wave has retreated or the edge of a rusty bottle top on the pavement?

  4. Great reading ... Does this influence relationships? Are we more attracted to people who express the "Oooo look" when out on the beach and come across the line of sea-foam after a wave has retreated or the rusty edge of a bottle top on the pavement? Or do we prefer the company of those who do not see it so we can hold tight to the magic on our own?

    1. interesting question : to look at what is relationship .. and the principle of opposites attract too . I think when the resonance is shared it has a certain " affirnmative" quality to it . When it is not shared then it either can become a subject of discussion , pointing it out , having it agreed with or opposed to ... but for me personally its not a " hold tight to the magic to keep it to myself" scenario but rather an awareness that others simply do not perceive " it" the way I do .. maybe they have access to things I cant perceive ... the whole interplay of relationship is fascinating in and of itself to me :-)


Feedback appreciated :-)