Sunday, November 17, 2013

NO:::5 Logbook November 17th - The Ralire Study by Milliande Demetriou

NO:::5 Logbook November 17th - The Ralire Study by Milliande Demetriou

  • I have decided to keep a separate running logbook as the daily/monthly format of communicating my findings. Here I will reference back when I add another entry to any of the breathstays as I like to keep them together in a continuous format, rather than splitting them into separate blog pages.

  • Today I am hoping to investigate further the application of the " Soulcollage" Format of intuitive communicating via a set of created cards as first envisaged by Seena Frost. I trained as a soulcollage facilitator under her tuition and have ideas to develop a similar technique in conjunction with my research project to keep a visual dialogue running

  •   ::: Added the first Word Line Response Prompts

    Word Line Response Prompt 1

    Word Line Response Prompt 2

  • ::: Definitions

    • added a page of definitions as pertaining to the meaning of certain terms I use within the context of The Ralire Study research project

    The Ralire Study Definitions
  • ::: Creative Responses

    • Exploring some ideas around the number sequences defining Eulers Law in relation to soap bubbles ... 3 , 120 , 6 , 18
    • Exploring Ideas of visually experimenting with Soap Bubble Formations using ink, water and soap solution


    Inquiry into the Resonant Nature of Random Linear Remnants through Artist's Eyes - The Ralire Study by Milliande Demetriou  , November 2013

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