Wednesday, November 13, 2013

NO:::2 Artist Statement - The Ralire Study by Milliande Demetriou

NO:::2 Artist Statement - The Ralire Study by Milliande Demetriou


 An Inquire into the Inherent Nature of  Random Linear Remnants

The stories lines tell are fascinating ones, when they are obvious and deliberate, the mark of the linemaker can be read, anticipated and even predicted with some degree of certainty. 

If linear marks appear to be made with random abandon, unpredictable and uninhibited, then the linemakers seem to share secrets that hint at deeper meaning, invite us to delve into exploration, investigate, traverse and trace the linear remnants to discover a universal story. 

  • Nature marks Nature, in it's cycles Lines appear, disappear, leave nothing but a suggestion of themselves in eternal motion. Nature create meshworks of lines that sustain life.

  • Nature marks Human, relentlessly when left unchecked, nature reclaims that which has been taken by humans, applies its forces to remind us of the underlying principles that govern this earth, leaving linear traces for all to witness.

  • Human marks Nature , when paths are taken the land receives the wanderers and marks their passing with all manner of lines, some seemingly indelible, scarring, claiming, some life giving , all having an impact that leaves mighty traces.

  • Human marks Human, humans create networks of lines that connect, make linear marks that identify, protect, alert and message .

Essentially though Human is part of Nature, made of it, infused with it, governed by it and so the cycle closes once again .

My emotional responses to Random Linear Remnants  encountered, my investigations into the archetypal nature of lines and fragments thereof seep in to inform my personal mark-making.

I am intrigued by the bodily resonance when encountering random,seemingly unpredictable lines in contrast to my relative indifference to deliberate lines.

By tracing the random linear remnants of "Human Linemakers" and "Nature Contour Formers" within the context of transpersonal research I inuitively engage in revealing my personal story in relation to the microcosm and macrocosm of my immediate existence therefore hinting at my place in the universal game called "Life" . 

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